Snitch 3.2

Snitch will scan the contents of your hard disk in search of offensive material
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Snitch is a program that will scan the contents of your hard disk (and of the files in it) in search of offensive or inappropriate data. It will look for images that could be considered obscene based on the percentage of skin they display or the names of the files. It will also detect and mark suspicious audio and video files regardless of their format. You can also configure the program to look for files created between two given dates, or of a given size.

Snitch will also check your Internet Explorer history files searching for obscene words. You can select which words are to be considered obscene, apart from the ones already included in the built-in word list. The program will prompt you to analyze your hard disks and, when finished, it will display a list with all the found items, so you can decide what to do with them.

For me, the program proved to be totally useless. It found 77 images showing too much skin (something you could expect when you are viewing a close-up of a face) and 26 files with obscene content (which happened to be words in German beginning with the prefix "lesb" or other similar flaws). My advice: do not even bother to test this program. It is useless.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It labels perfectly innocent images and files as obscene
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